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B.A. Animation & Web Designing Degree Course

The Degree program is for students who are interested in the digital manipulation and abstract representation of our visual reality. The aim of the program to produce versatile digital artists with a unique complementary set of tradition and digital film- making skills

Ist Semester
1. Communication English
2. Graphics Design
3. Art Foundation, Scripting & Storyboarding
4. Matte Painting
5. Clay Modeling

2nd Semester
1. Communication English
2. Architectural Visualization
3. Product Visualisation
4. Industrial Visualisation
5. Project (P/A/I Visualization Film)

3rd Semester
1.Compulsory English
2.Character Design
3.BG/Prop Design
4.Web Design
5 Project

4th Semester
1.Compulsory English
2.Rigging and Animation
3.Traditional Animation Principles
4.Character Animation 5.Project I

5th Semester
1.Film Editing
2.Sound Editing
3.Film Layer Based Compositing
5.Environmental Science

6th Semester
1.Adv.Film Layer Based Compositing and VFX
2.Node Based Film Compositing
3.Final Project Demoreel
4.Environmental Science